The Gec Nightstor dry core electric boiler was originally produced for new or existing housing as a direct replacement for oil fired and solid fuel boilers. A range of boilers was produced with capacities up to 250 kwh for applications from a small house to large commercial or industrial situations , in addition where large heating demand needed a bigger storage capacity several dry core boilers were used in tandem .

A dry core boiler operates on the off peak storage principle. Heat is stored during the night when electricity is much cheaper . Heat can then be drawn off when required, by a fan to drive the air around a closed loop within the brick core and over a heat exchanger through which water is passed. The heated water serves a low pressure heating system in the normal way

Dry Core boilers are at point of use up to 97% efficient as their is no combustion process to which the heat can be lost to . If the electric supply comes from a green form of generation the whole process is carbon free. Being built by GEC a major defence and engineering contractor & later by APECS run by ex staff of GEC the quality of the engineering was such that boilers now over 25years old are still as good as the day they were first installed. The GEC dry core boiler in our opinion is the best electric boiler ever produced in the uk. A smaller boiler called the Compact was developed from the 60+ boiler which was originally developed as the first under worktop unit by GEC . The first compact boilers used a internal flow boiler to top up the system if the dry core store became low, most of these were however modified to exclude the flow boiler in preference to using the dry core for top up. Most Compact boilers were installed on the new day time top up tariffs such as Economy 10.

Dry Core boilers are still as good a product as they were 27 years ago. With the low running costs, clean and very efficient operation the GEC dry core boiler remains the most successful dry core electric boiler ever produced in the UK


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