How much does a service call cost :-

Service calls are banded dependant on location please ask our office .All service charges include on site time . All our estimated costs and invoices carry vat @20%. The service engineer will invoice on the day of the service call and payment is required then unless you have account facilities with us

What warranty do you give:-

We back every repair with after sales care and a 12month warranty on parts

How long does it take to provide service:-

Most service visits are completed within four days priority is given to customers who have no heating .  

How long have you been involved with GEC Boilers :-

Since the first launch of the product to private installers by GEC we worked directly for GEC installing and servicing boilers as well as for regional electricity boards in the south east 

What areas do we cover:-

We work up to 60 miles from our Chesham office. We do not provide nation wide service. We are not able to provide service in central London or in some London boroughs.

Parking requirements for service visits:-

Please note our engineers require parking on a drive or directly outside the property, we are unable to leave service vans in  town car parks or away from the repair site due to security reasons . If residents parking permits are required in your road please get this ready before our visit .

 If you rent property :-

Please do not request service yourself  if you are renting , any request for service must come from the owner of the property . In the case of estate agents we will  work with you but any  arrangements with us  and payment must come from the property owner. We will not undertake work directly for estate agents 

Product safety and approval:- 

We will not undertake repairs on any unit that has been changed from original GEC or APECS design both on wiring or internal parts. The product will have to be returned to the original design and safety standards for us to both repair and service in the future.

Metering providers smart meters  and Nightstor:-

A large number of problems we see are now  caused by metering providers who cannot wire up electric meters and do not understand the requirements for Nightstor boilers, we have had to sort out issues time and again and the smart meter program has not improved the situation .  We have unfortunately seen an  increasing  number of fires directly  caused by metering faults and meter wiring. . We do not recommend the installation of smart meters to any of  our customers   


Can we move our boiler :-

Yes a Nightstor Dry Core boiler can be unbuilt and rebuilt again but this has to be done properly with new insulation panels & elements and rebuilt using build jigs. We have successfully moved and rebuilt boilers including NS 250 which has a total weight of 1.97tonnes

What happens if its not a boiler fault:-

Should the problem be with the heating system or with the external electrics we will not ask you to find another contractor and leave you with no heating. We are part of EW Jenkins and son an established heating and electrical firm, we are able to carry out all heating, plumbing or electrical repairs via our installation .division

Do you sell parts :-

We stock most parts with a first time pick of 80% of functional parts we do not supply parts only, dry core boilers are a complicated product needing the expert care that only a trained experienced specialist can offer.

My boiler is quite old is it worth fixing :-

GEC Nightstor Dry core boilers some of which are over 25 years old are still as good as when they were first installed, off peak electric heating is one of the most efficient forms of heating with low running costs and a dry core boiler is up to 97% efficient at point of use. 

Vat on repairs and service :-

We are sorry but all  our invoices carry vat @ 20%on parts and labour 

Power flushing and blocked systems:-

Power flushing will not unblock a damaged heat exchanger on a nightstor boiler, flushing may also cause a heat exchanger to block as will adding flushing chemicals to a system. Care must be taken to avoid any damage to the boilers heat exchanger and contamination to pipework behind the boiler unit. Any work must avoid the movement of sludge to the boiler level which will result in the need to remove and replace the heat exchanger.  If our engineer finds that the issue is with a blocked heat exchanger or heating system we will be unable to fix this in most cases on the first visit.